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Shipping is 20% on orders under $30.00, 15% from $30 up to $100.00, and just 10% for orders of $100.00 or more.

Our online shopping cart accepts payments from PayPal or from any major credit card. We will also accept US$ money orders if you email us your order directly.

Vehicle hulls and turrets are cast in resin, while gun barrels, hatches and other small bits are white metal. Vehicles, equipment, and figures are supplied unpainted and require some assembly.

The World Headquarters of AGN Miniatures is located just outside the sunny lakeside city of Toronto, Ontario.

Army Group North Miniatures
5800 Ambler Drive, Unit #106
Mississauga, ON
L4W 4J4 Canada

At AGN Miniatures we are always happy to hear from you! If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for new products, please contact us at:


We have now added a phone line to the workshop. If you would like to place an order over the phone or just chat about model tanks, give us a call at (416) 575-4990. Of course, we try to have some sort of life outside of the workshop but we will usually be available to take calls during regular working hours on weekdays. If no one is around when you call, just leave a message and we will be certain to get back to you.

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