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Vehicle hulls and turrets are cast in resin, while gun barrels, hatches and other small bits are white metal. Vehicles, equipment, and figures are supplied unpainted and require some assembly.

Panzerkampfwagen I (SdKfz 101) Ausf B

painting & photography by Simon
German Tanks of World War II (1969) F.M. von Senger und Etterlin

The Pzkpfw IB was a light and mobile vehicle with slight defensive armour, conforming to concepts of the early 1930s. Both the A and B models were used operationally during the Spanish Civiel War. At the time of the invasion of Poland, 1445 Pzkpfw I tanks were available and, at the start of the campaign in France, 523 Pzkpfw I combat tanks were on strength of the armoured divisions detailed for the attack. Operations during these campaigns proved that neither their firepower nor their armour was suffiecient for them to face enemy tanks. The Pzkpfw was replaced by larger vehicles, at first phased out slowly, so that by the end of 1941 it has disappeared almost completely as a combat tank.

Distinguishing Features: The Pzkpfw IB had five bogie wheels in a high-set idler, in comparison to the Pzkpfw IAs four bogies in a low-set idler. Bogies were suspended in pairs on leaf springs. The small revolving turret was offset to the right with twin MGs in a mantlet. The power plant was an air-cooled, horizontally opposed piston engine.

German Tanks of World War II (1969) F.M. von Senger und Etterlin

Technical Data

production year


number built




combat weight

6.0 tons

max. road speed

40 kph

max. x-country speed


active range by road

140 km

active range x-country

115 km


402 cm


206 cm


172 cm


100 hp; 6 litre


2 x 7.92 mm MG (turret)

hull front armour

13 mm

hull side armour

13 mm

hull rear armour

13 mm

hull roof armour

6 mm

turret front armour

13 mm

turret side armour

13 mm

turret rear armour

13 mm

turret roof armour

8 mm

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German Tanks of World War II - The complete illustrated history of German armoured fighting vehicles 1926-1945, F.M. vonSenger und Etterlin (Galahad Books, NY: 1969)

Leichtes Panzers in Action, Uwe Feist & Mike Dario (Squadron/Signal Publications, MI: 1974)

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