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Vehicle hulls and turrets are cast in resin, while gun barrels, hatches and other small bits are white metal. Vehicles, equipment, and figures are supplied unpainted and require some assembly.

Panzerkampfwagen II (SdKfz 121) Ausf F

painting & photography by Kenneth Chipman

At the end of 1940 and the beginning of 1941, the production of the final model of the Pzkpfw II series appeared under the designation Pzkpfw II AusfF. These vehicles had been up-armoured in front to 35mm and the side armour had been increased to 20mm, raising the combat weight to 9.5 tons.When production ceased at the beginning of 1944, a total of 625 machines of this type had been produced.

Distinguishing Features: The Pzkpfw IIF had five independently sprung bogie wheels with leaf springs in contrast to the small bogie wheel construction of earlier models. Frontal armour was increased to 35mm and an improved cupola was fitted with seven vision blocks.

Leichte Panzers in Action (1974) Uwe Feist & Mike Dario

painting & photography by Joe Rainer

Technical Data

production year


number built




combat weight

9.5 tons

max. road speed

40 kph

max. x-country speed

19 kph

active range by road

200 km

active range x-country

100 km


481 cm


228 cm


202 cm


140 hp; 6 litre


1 x KwK30 20mm auto-cannon (turret); 1 x 7.92 mm MG (turret)

hull front armour

35 mm

hull side armour

20 mm

hull rear armour

20 mm

hull roof armour

14.5 mm

turret front armour

30 mm

turret side armour

15 mm

turret rear armour

14.5 mm

turret roof armour

10 mm

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German Tanks of World War II - The complete illustrated history of German armoured fighting vehicles 1926-1945, F.M. vonSenger und Etterlin (Galahad Books, NY: 1969)

Leichtes Panzers in Action, Uwe Feist & Mike Dario (Squadron/Signal Publications, MI: 1974)

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